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Hello there, I hope you are having a wonderful time and enjoying life! If you are in pain or experiencing anxiety, know that it can change! It's a joy for me to be able to help with discomfort. I look forward to being there for you!

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 Sometimes people give more care or attention to cars or phones than our own bodies which we have for a lifetime! Massage therapy is a chance to change things up inside by improving circulation, and muscle tonicity while relieving tension and allowing time for body awareness. Massage therapy also enhances sleep quality and improves focus and decreases anxiety & depression.

Customizing modalities to create the most effective benefits in a body experiencing pain or discomfort is an art I've enjoyed practicing since beginning massage school in 2001. When I first experienced the surprisingly strong positive effects of massage therapy myself, I was thrilled and relieved to find a new way to experience my body in such a positive way and wanted to help as many people as possible experience relief, so was in massage school just weeks later. 

Because there are so many continual benefits, massage therapy is still one of my favorite things in life to both give and receive. A feeling of newness or valuable availability can be felt after receiving bodywork and emotions can often feel processed. Every body can benefit from massage therapy regardless of what they are experiencing in life. There are different modalities to choose from depending on needs at the time. Some days, deeper work and freeing up blockages or stagnation might be more needed. Other days, lighter work  will be more beneficial especially when particularly sore. For those only wanting foot work, the whole body can still be accessed through the ancient art of foot reflexology, typically done in 30 or 60 minutes sessions.

 One of the beautiful things I have learned from the 1000's of sessions on people from all over the work and walks of life is, that every Body is different. It still amazes me that I haven't worked on the same two bodies. Yes, we have been given mostly the same tools, yet our bodies have experienced life only as individuals and our bodies remind of this when we feel pain. I sincerely enjoy being able to help remove blockages in the body, freeing you to use your full maximum potential. It is a gift for me to help move out the old stagnate data and help bring in fresh oxygenated blood to serve all organs.

 I look forward to working on you as soon you're ready. I practice and teach level-one Qigong weekly, which boosts your energy and also study food-healing which can reverse diseases. Please feel free to let me know of any questions. 

Please simply click on BookNow for all information you need regarding all services and availability. You can also call/text me directly at (541)337-0386 or email and I'll book your session directly for you. 

Music preferences allowed & encouraged! Pandora Stations or bring in your own playlist and pair with a bluetooth speaker.

Pets are allowed -  just let me know who you are bringing so that I can be prepared! ;-)


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